Revolutionary History, Vol. 10, No. 4 [European Revolutionaries and Algerian Independence, 1954-1962] (2012)

Revolutionary History,

vol. 10, No. 4 [European Revolutionaries and Algerian Independence, 1954-1962],

Socialist Platform/Merlin Press, London 2012, pp. 418, £ 20,00




- «Editorial».




I - Ian Birchall, «Introduction»;

II - Sylvain Pattieu, «The Comrades of the Brothers» (2002).

III - Additional Material: The Far Left

ú The Lambertist Current:

- Pierre Lambert, «Let the Algerian People Speak. Independence by Stages and the Constituent Assembly» (from La Vérité, 16 December 1953);

- Pierre Lambert, «Silence Becomes Complicity» (from La Vérité, 17 October 1957);

- Ian Birchall, «A Note on the Committee for the Release of Messali Hadj and the Victims of Repression».

ú Voix Ouvrière:

- «Tail-Ending» (from Lutte de Classe, No. 15, 30 May 1961);

- «Once There Was a Party…» (from Lutte de Classe, No. 27, 15 November 1961).

ú Socialisme ou Barbarie:

- Ian Birchall, «Socialisme ou Barbarie and the Algerian War».

IV - Aspects of the War

- Ramon Gomez, «The Algerian War Seen from Renault-Billancourt» [An interview with some Trotskyists and Stalinists] (from Expression Immigré(e)s-Français(es), No. 74, October 1993, and No. 76, April 1994);

- «Save the Reservists of the Gare de Lyon from Military Justice» (from La Vérité des Travailleurs, October 1955);

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- Ian Birchall, «A Note on the MNA [Mouvement National Algérien]»;

- Ian Birchall, «Mitterrand’s War».

V - Solidarity in Europe

- Fritz Keller, «Solidarity Action in Austria» (2010);

- John Plant, «John Baird: A British MP Who Supported the Algerian Revolution».

VI - Past and Future

- «Report to the Second North African Interfederal Communist Conference on 24 September 1922» (from Bulletin Communiste, 7 December 1922);

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