Revolutionary History, Vol. 10, No. 3 [The Left in Iran 1941-1957] (London 2011)



Revolutionary History,

vol. 10, No. 3 [The Left in Iran 1941-1957],

Socialist Platform/Merlin Press, London 2011, pp. 520, £ 22,50





- «Editorial»;

- Cosroe Chaqueri, «The Left in Iran. A Critical Review, 1941-1957»;

- Cosroe Chaqueri, «Moscow and the Tudeh Party. Did the Soviets Play a Role in Founding the Tudeh Party in Iran?»;

- Cosroe Chaqueri, «The Iranian Left in the Twentieth Century. A Critical Appraisal of Its Historiography»;

- Peyman Vahabzadeh, «SAKA. Iran’s Grassroots Revolutionary Workers’ Organisation»;

- Peyman Vahabzadeh, «Mostafa Sho‘a‘iyan. An Iranian Leftist Political Thinker Unlike His Peers».



I - «Letter by the Chief of the Information Section of the Tudeh Party Organ» (17 October 1942);

II - «British Ambassador’s Directives to British Consular Offices Regarding the Tudeh Party» (1943);

III - UK Foreign Office, «Sir Reader Bullard’s Instructions to British Consulates» (28 May and 6 June 1943);

IV - US State Department, «Résumé of Tudeh Party’s Programme» (November 1943);

V - UK Foreign Office, «Proceedings of the First General Conference of the Tudeh Party» (26 August 1944);

VI - «Soviet Embassy Report on the Tudeh Party’s First Congress» (14 October 1944);

VII - CPSU, «Measures to Organise a Separatist Movement in Southern Azerbaijan and Other Provinces of Northern Iran» (6 July 1945);

VIII - «Secret Soviet Instructions for a Separatist Movement in Northern Iran» (14 July 1945);

IX - US State Department, «Report on the Tudeh Party» (Extract, August 1945);

X - US State Department, «Tudeh Party Program» (1945);

XI - UK Foreign Office, «Tudeh Views Expressed to the British» (1945);

XII - UK foreign Office, «Tudeh’s Private Hint to the British» (1945);

XIII - «Declaration of the CC of the Tudeh Party on the Eve of the Coalition with Premier Qavam» (June 1946);

XIV - Pravda, «The Tudeh, Premier Qavam and the British» (13 June 1946);

XV - US State Department, «Foreign Policy of the Tudeh Party» (25 August 1947);

XVI - US State Department, «The Tudeh Socialist Party» (January 1948);

XVII - UK Foreign Office, «Concern About Tudeh» (March-April 1948);

XVIII - «A Tudeh Memorandum» (August 1948);

XIX - US State Department, «Memorandum of the US Embassy on the Project to Proscribe the Tudeh Party» (3 November 1948);

XX - Iranian Government, «The Decree Suppressing the Tudeh Party» (1949);

XXI - «Tudeh CC Against Its Proscription and Oppression» (July 1949);

XXII - «Declaration of the Tudeh Party CC in Its Own Defence» (1949);

XXIII - «The Tudeh Party, the Soviet Government and the Pro-Imperialist Government of General Razmara» (10 July 1950 and 8 March 1951);

XXIV - Tudeh, «Concerning the liberal Bourgeois Movement» (26 June 1950);

XXV - Tudeh, «The Martyurdom of [Imam] Ali» (10 July 1950);

XXVI - «Tudeh CC Statement Sent to the American, British, ann French Embassies» (20 July 1950);

XXVII - US State Department, «Escape of Ten Tudeh Leaders from Qasr Prison, Teheran» (December 1950);

XXVIII - «Statement by the CC of the Tudeh Party of Persia on the Anniversary of 4 Ferbruary 1949» (February 1951);

XXIX - «Tudeh Party’s CC New Year Greeting» (March 1951);

XXX - Tudeh, «Dr Mossadeq’s Government» (5 May 1951);

XXXI - «An Open Letter by the Tudeh CC to Dr Mossadeq» (May 1951);

XXXII - Tudeh, «Dr Mossadeq and the Oil Problem» (19 May 1951);

XXXIII - «The Tudeh Against Mossadeq» (19 July 1951);

XXXIV - «Declaration of the Tudeh Party CC on the Elections for the Seventeenth Legislature» (25 December 1951);

XXXV - US State Department, «The Tudeh Against Mossadeq» (December 1951);

XXXVI - «The Tudeh Party on “Mossadeq’s Terrorism”» (4 April 1952);

XXXVII - «Letter of the National Society Combating Colonialism» (August 1952);

XXXVIII - US State Department, «List of Known Tudeh Newspapers in Iran During the Mossadeq Premiership» (October 1952);

XXXIX - Daily Worker, «People’s Party Leaders Show Britain the Struggle in Persia» (2 March 1953);

XL - «Resolution Passed by Pro-Tudeh Demonstrators on the First Anniversary of 1952 Uprising» (22 July 1953);

XLI - «An Open Letter to Dr Mossadeq by the CC of the Tudeh Party» (July 1953);

XLII - «Declaration of the Tudeh Party CC on the Morrow of the 1953 Putsch» (20 August 1953);

XLIII - US State Department, «Recent Tudeh Activities and the Zahedi Government» (October 1953);

XLIV - US State Department, «Request for Anti-Communist Material» (1954);

XLV - US State Department, «Memorandum Concerning a Splinter Communist Party in Iran» (10 April 1954);

XLVI - US State Department, «Tudeh Party’s English-Language Publications Reports of Iran» (1954);

XLVII - «Isolated Support for Fatemi and Tudeh Officers Upon Condemnation to Death» (November 1954-February 1955);

XLVIII - UK Foreign Office, «Tudeh Party Leaders Arrested» (21 April 1956);

XLIX - UK Foreign Office, «Tudeh Military Leader Khosrow Rouzbeh in the Military Tribunal» (1958).


- «Work in Progresss».


- «Letters».



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